Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Virtual Breadboard Portable

Virtual Breadboard Portable

Virtual Breadboard Portable

Virtual Breadboard (VBB) is an emulator for Breadboard integrated circuits. It’s also able to function as a developmental environment for microcontrollers. The application can be used for developing and debugging microcontrollers and emulating circuits, programming control panels for embedded applications, or even creating documentation for circuits.

It features an intuitive and user friendly interface and provides you with access to a wide collection of circuit template. It’s unable to analyze simulate though, so if that’s what you’re looking for you might want to go with something else instead. VirtualBreadboard is a program for developing Breadboard form factor digital circuits and creating the microcontroller software that starts them. VirtualBreadboard is building an artificial intelligent design assistant for physical computing and internet-of-things applications.

Virtual Breadboard Features:

An intuitive interface that could be easily used by anyone that knows what they’re doing.
Allows you to choose from a rich collection of circuit templates or instead opt to create your own.
Gives you the opportunity to personalize your project with various components (instruments, timers, function generators, motors, LCD/LED displays, and more).
Displays the error log while the circuit is emulating so that you can see what went wrong in real time.
Gives you the ability to use the terminal component to send UART commands at TTL levels.
Perfect for use by teachers, students, and engineers alike

Develop and debug microcontroller based applications
Program microcontrollers directly
Develop Control Panels for Embedded Applications
Act as a guide for assembling solderless Breadboard circuits
For documentation of circuits to share

Note: Requires Java JRE, .NET Framework and Arduino.