Saturday, November 18, 2017

Windows 7 Evolution x64 November 2017 by KIRK

Windows 7 Evolution x64 November 2017

Windows 7 Ultimate is ultra edition of the Windows 7 operating system as it is the only edition of Windows 7 that is feature complete. All other editions with the exception of Windows 7 Enterprise which is Windows 7 Ultimate branded differently lack features that are included in Windows 7 Ultimate. It combines remarkable ease-of-use with the entertainment features of Home Premium and the business capabilities of Professional, including the ability to run many Windows XP productivity programs in Windows XP Mode. For added security, you can encrypt your data with BitLocker and BitLocker To Go. And for extra flexibility, you can work in any of 35 languages. Get it all with Windows 7 Ultimate.

Simplify everyday tasks
-Simplify your PC with new navigation features like Shake, Jump Lists, and Snap.
-Personalize your PC by customizing themes, colors, sounds, and more.
-Easy to network (with or without a server).
-Back up your complete system over a network.
-Help protect data on your PC or portable storage device against loss or theft with BitLocker.

ISO verification:

CRC32: 4E017DF2
MD5:   09161312B1CA8595D475C00FAE0EE3D3
SHA-1: 04ACA3464B9A935594DD1A198A183F27B51AAF40

Source: Windows(R) 7, Enterprise edition
Description: Windows Operating System - Windows(R) 7, VOLUME_KMSCLIENT channel
Family: Enterprise

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.1 Full x86/x64 released October 22 2017 included.

Updates to November 2017
No System tweaks
Theme dlls patched for unsigned themes
Full glass program loads from startup folder, just remove from folder if you don't want it.
UAC disabled
Context menu: move copy to, take ownership
Activation 30 Days, use Microsoft Toolkit 2.63 official - Official KMS Solution for Microsoft Products (Included)*

* Inside folder called activation in root of iso.

Hud Theme used, credits Mr Grimm and those he copied it from.

Instead of hacking shell32 and other dlls, I decided to use Theme resource changer which uses images instead of editing. important system dlls which can lead to corruption


Burn to DVD-R
Hit any key when prompted
follow screens.

At first desktop runonce you will be asked to selct theme resource changer to install, so follow prompts then let desktop load and reboot to take effect. Thats it. No Drivers are included to keep size and for stability, so install your video driver etc, then good to go Once you install video driver you will have to reposition the sidebar gadgets.


Windows 7 Evolution x64 November 2017 by KIRK

Windows 7 Evolution x64 November 2017 by KIRK

Windows 7 Evolution x64 November 2017 by KIRK