Sunday, May 14, 2017

Microsoft Windows 10 AIO 26in1 Build 15063.296 x32 x64 en-US – Murphy78

Microsoft Windows 10 All in One x32 x64 en-US - Muprhy78

Windows 10 Redstone is so familiar and easy to use, you’ll feel like an expert. The Start Menu is back in an expanded form, plus we’ll bring over your pinned apps and favorites so they’re ready and waiting for you.

Millions of people are already using Windows 10
The Windows Insider Program is a global community of fans who love Windows and want to help make it better. Insiders see the operating system in its earliest stages, and play a role in shaping it. Their feedback has contributed to the best Windows ever. Learn more about being a part of the Windows Insider community.

The web that works the way you doِ
Windows 10 comes with Microsoft Edge, an all-new browser that’s built to give you a better web experience. Write2 or type notes directly on webpages and share them with others, read online articles free of distraction, and save your favorite reads for later access. And with Cortana3 enabled, you get instant access to key actions—like making reservations or reading reviews—without leaving the page you’re on.

Multi-doing helps you get to “done“ faster
Easily snap up to four apps in place and see all open tasks in a single view. You can even create virtual desktops when you need more space or want to group things by project.

Windows Store is your one-stop shop
Introducing the new Windows Store, a unified shopping experience across every Windows 10 device. Browse the store on your PC, tablet, or phone and easily purchase great digital content including apps, games, music, movies and TV shows.4

Meet Cortana, your truly personal digital assistant
Cortana3 works across your day and your devices to help you get things done. By learning more over time, Cortana becomes more personal and useful to you. Cortana’s also best at reminders, delivering them at the right time and place so you forget less and can do more.

“Using Cortana with reminders is AMAZING!”

Interact with your device however you want
Touch2, type, write5: the choice is yours so you can use whatever works best for what you’re doing.

The best screen is always the one you’re on
Windows 10 enables your apps to look and work great in all modes, on all devices. On 2-in-1 devices, your screen can be optimized to work with touch or keyboard and mouse.

murphy78 presents Windows 10 14393.693 v1607_1 DualBoot en-US

murphy78 presents Windows 10 15063.296 v1703 AIO DualBoot en-US

No Windows 10 Settings were harmed in the making of this ISO.
No Programs are added to Windows.
No Unattended Settings were added to the installation.
No Registry Settings were modified.

Installation Indexes:
Windows 10 Home / N / SL
Windows 10 Pro / N / VL / N VL
Windows 10 Education / N / VL / N VL
Windows 10 Enterprise / N

Dual Release File: Win10_15063.296_x32_x64_26in1_en-US_murphy78.iso
Size: 6.83 GB
SHA-1: 7F7ADA801AE0E5DBC8490C7FD705BC0EF005A462

x86 (32-bit-only version): Win10_15063.296_x32_13in1_en-US_murphy78.iso*
Size: 2.99 GB
SHA-1: 5A22EB844849F5F05382071B07C88E611B3CA052

x64 (64-bit-only version): Win10_15063.296_x64_13in1_en-US_murphy78.iso*
Size: 3.87 GB
SHA-1: CEEF94D586C3875CE42AA0ABD4D318CE1506FB4F

*Run the associated exe delta patch to create this iso.

Language: en-US (English - United States)

Tools used:
MS DaRT 10
diskpart script v1.2.8 (*shift-f10* during boot setup, then "menu")
oscdimg for ISO mastering
gimagex 2.11 for display name changes on VL versions
dism for ESD recovery compression/integration

DISM /add-package and /resetbase (Indexes, boot.wim and winre.wim):

DISM /add-package and /resetbase (Indexes only):

-DualBoot setup with UEFI/Fat32 support
I can only test UEFI x64 as I only have x64 processor, but ia32 should work for certain UEFI devices with only 32-bit processors
-Netfx3 added before cumulative update integration
-DiskPart v1.2.8 script with ESD support, multi-version setup, fast setup (fewer keys but default settings) To run my diskpart script, boot into usb or dvd setup, then press shift-f10 to bring up console and type "menu" The script will then ask if you wish to use it, etc.
-Scripts folder for disabling auto-updates, driver updates, telemetry, app telemetry, reboot to winre, etc.
-DaRT 10 added to Boot and Winre This has options to reset passwords, edit registry, remove updates, scan system files, get a remote desktop connection, etc.

murphy78 :)