Thursday, December 1, 2016

Windows 7 ROG x64 Rampage E3 Rev 1

Windows 7 ROG x64 Rampage E3 ...64 bit only...

In my own humble opinion this is the best modded windows I've come accross.  It is a windows 7 and although everyone is moving onto windows 10 I felt it was still worth sharing. I've used this as my main os for some time and never had a problem with it. The guy who created it, Neuropass is renowned for his skills and ability at manipulating software. 

The goal was to obtain a fresh installed OS with all the settings in the right place by default, rather than going manually through all the adjustments one by one. When you format and install a new OS you waste a lot of time, (setting up windows, registry setting, icons etc...)
I used Windows 7 Professional as a base version for this release, simply because 7 Professional comes without backup and bit locker features. Dism has been used to integrate updates and removing useless packages like "The upgrading version option" (the annoying entry in the control panel that bothers you to update to the ultimate version), Country packages and others...
Visual Customization: (default)
* Special ROG theme
* System icons
* System sounds
* Wallpapers
* Media center full customization
* Media player (background changer)
* System Fonts (Only ROG THEME)
Default setting and registry setting:
* Removed the imposed default 100 Mb Partition upon installation. (Now you can install windows with no hidded partition)
* Window panes optimized for 1920x1200 display
* New "right click " options on files and desktop (icons added)
* No IE9 on taskbar and startmenu
* Windows switcher
* DEP off
* UAC off
* Automatic system restore point (on every boot) off
* Paging file 2048 Mb (you can even turn it off completely if you want to)
* Power plan, High performance
* Boot selector name Personalized (ROG 64 Bit)
* Save and Restore icons layout ( Holding "Shift" buttons plus right click.)
* Neuropass tweaks
Windows Updates Integrated: Until may 30 2011
Programs Installed :
* 7zip 9.20 (64Bit)
* Notepad 2 (Default Replaced)
* Silverlight
* Flash 10 (64 Bit) and active X plugin
* cpu-z157 ROG Edition
* Microsoft games for windows live drivers
* Directx 10, 11 June 2010
* Win Rar 4.1 64 Bit
* SPTD 1.78 64 Bit
Drivers Installed :
* Nvidia 266.58 WHQL
* ATK0110
* JMicron 36X
* LogitechUSBInputDevice
* WesternDigitalHD
* AMD Chipset Drivers
* Marvell9123_Controller
* Nvidia 275.33-desktop-win7-winvista-64bit-english-whql
* ATI 11-5_vista64_win7_64_dd
* USB 3.0 Drivers
* RAID and ACHI Boot Drivers