Sunday, October 30, 2016

Subtitles 3.2.3


Subtitles App

The easiest way to download subtitles. just drop your videos into Subtitles and let it do its magic. It doesn't matter if the files don't have the right name or the format they're in, Subtitles will always find the right subtitles for your movies and TV shows.

Automatically finds subtitles

Just drop your files on Subtitles and let it do its magic. Subtitles analyzes the contents of the video files, so it works even if your videos don't have the correct name.

Supports any video format

Subtitles supports any type of video, it doesn't matter which codec or extension your file uses.

Lots of languages supported

Subtitles supports more than 40 languages and its interface is translated into more than 10. Want us to translate it into your language? Drop us a line.