Wednesday, September 21, 2016

EMCO Malware Destroyer Portable

EMCO Malware Destroyer | 36 MB

EMCO Malware Destroyer is a free personal antivirus tool that helps you to organize personal protection of your PC and perform regular fast malware scans.

Unique malware scan engine allows you to spend only 10 seconds for complete PC analysis of over 10,000 real threat definitions, including viruses, trojans, worms and other malware types. Up-to-date malware database includes virus information provided by leading virus labs and thousands of users. 

Credits : HandyPaf

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

XMedia Recode Portable

XMedia Recode Portable 

XMedia Recode can convert almost all known audio and video formats. XMedia Recode can only convert unprotected Blu-rays or DVDs. XMedia Recode converts: 3GP to AVI, 3GP to FLV, AC3 to MP3, AC3 to WAV, ASF to 3GP, ASF to FLV, ASF to MP4, AVI to FLV, AVI to 3GP, FLAC to MP3, FLAC to WMA, FLV into 3GP, FLV to Mp3, DVD to 3GP, DVD to AC3, DVD to AVI, DVD to MP3, DVD to MP4, DVD to MOV, DVD to SVCD, DVD to VCD, DVD to WMV, OGG to MP3, OGG to WMA, MPEG to AVI, MP2 to MP3, MP4 to FLV, MP4 to AVI, M4P to MP3, MOV to 3GP, MOV to AVI, MOV to FLV, WMA to MP3, WMV to FLV, WAV to MP3.


Credits : HandyPaf

PDF-XChange Viewer 2.5.318 Portable

PDF-XChange Viewer PRO Portable

PDF-XChange Viewer PRO Portable | 16 MB

PDF-XChange Viewer is a PDF editor/reader which allows you to view and edit PDF formatted documents. PDF-XChange Viewer allows you to work with your documents both quickly and smoothly. You can skip pages, view documents in a number of layouts, and search to locate pages and keywords with ease. The applications toolbars are completely customizable with numerous configuration options.

Credits : HandyPaf

Avidemux 2.6.14 Portable

Avidemux Portable

Avidemux Portable | 25 MB / 20 MB

Avidemux adalah sebuah aplikasi video editor gratis yang bisa digunakan untuk cutting, filtering and encoding pada sebuah video. Selain itu Avidemux juga sudah mendukung berbagai macam format file video, termasuk  AVI, DVD MPEG, MP4 serta ASF.

Credits : ThumbApps

Tablacus Explorer 16.9.17 Portable

Tablacus Explorer

Tablacus Explorer Portable | 2 MB

Tablacus Explorer is a tabbed file manager with Add-on support. Tablacus Explorer is a tabbed file manager. It includes extensibility add-ons, customizable association, menus, keys, mouse gestures, and alias. You can save the configuration to XML. It supports multiple language and Unicode. 
  • Tabbed interface
  • Add-on support
  • Completely portable, No installation required
  • Multiple language and Unicode support
  • Columns: Total file size, Label
  • Customizable association, menus, keys, mouse gestures, alias
  • Open source

Monday, September 19, 2016

Calibre 2.68.0 Portable

Calibre Portable

Calibre Portable | 61 MB / 65 MB

Calibre is a free and open source e-book library management application.It has a cornucopia of features: library management, conversion, eBook reader devices synching, news reader, eBook/comics viewer, content server, and eBook editor.

Credits : ThumbApps

Viber 6.3.0 Portable

Viber Portable

Viber Portable | 75 MB

Viber for Windows lets you send free messages and make free calls to other Viber users, on any device and network, in any country! Viber syncs your contacts, messages and call history with your mobile device.

Credits : ThumbApps

Monday, September 12, 2016

Free Download Manager 5.1.18 build 4671 Portable

Free Download Manager 5 Stable Portable

Free Download Manager 5 Stable Portable | 41 MB / 49 MB

Free Download Manager is a powerful, easy-to-use and absolutely free download accelerator and manager. Moreover, FDM is 100% safe, open-source software distributed under GPL license. FDM is a light-weight, powerful and easy-to-use application. This software product is well-known for its intuitive and user-friendly interface. 

FDM can function as a site manager, accelerator, site explorer and scheduler. FDM can resume broken downloads. So you needn't start the downloading process from the very beginning after casual interruption. You can resume unfinished download from the moment when it was interrupted. Also this program warns you if resuming isn't supported by the servers and allow you to make a decision. So with FDM you save your time and your money.



Credits : ThumbApps

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Wireshark 2.2.0 Portable



Wireshark is the world's foremost network protocol analyzer. It lets you see what's happening on your network at a microscopic level. It is the de facto (and often de jure) standard across many industries and educational institutions.

  • Deep inspection of hundreds of protocols, with more being added all the time
  • Live capture and offline analysis
  • Standard three-pane packet browser
  • Multi-platform: Runs on Windows, Linux, OS X, Solaris, FreeBSD, NetBSD, and many others
  • Captured network data can be browsed via a GUI, or via the TTY-mode TShark utility
  • The most powerful display filters in the industry
  • Rich VoIP analysis
  • Read/write many different capture file formats: tcpdump (libpcap), Pcap NG, Catapult DCT2000, Cisco Secure IDS iplog, Microsoft Network Monitor, Network General Sniffer® (compressed and uncompressed), Sniffer® Pro, and NetXray®, Network Instruments Observer, NetScreen snoop, Novell LANalyzer, RADCOM WAN/LAN Analyzer, Shomiti/Finisar Surveyor, Tektronix K12xx, Visual Networks Visual UpTime, WildPackets EtherPeek/TokenPeek/AiroPeek, and many others
  • Capture files compressed with gzip can be decompressed on the fly
  • Live data can be read from Ethernet, IEEE 802.11, PPP/HDLC, ATM, Bluetooth, USB, Token Ring, Frame Relay, FDDI, and others (depending on your platform)
  • Decryption support for many protocols, including IPsec, ISAKMP, Kerberos, SNMPv3, SSL/TLS, WEP, and WPA/WPA2
  • Coloring rules can be applied to the packet list for quick, intuitive analysis
  • Output can be exported to XML, PostScript®, CSV, or plain text
Homepage :

Credits : ThumbApps

RocketDock 1.3.5 Portable

RocketDock Portable

RocketDock Portable | 5.67 MB

RocketDock is a smoothly animated, alpha blended application launcher. It provides a nice clean interface to drop shortcuts on for easy access and organization. With each item completely customizable there is no end to what you can add and launch from the dock. 

Credits : ThumbApps

Any Burn 3.4 Portable

Any Burn Portable

Any Burn Portable

AnyBurn is a light weight but professional CD / DVD / Blu-ray burning software that everyone must have. It provides a free and complete solution for burning.
  • Burn all CD / DVD / Blu-ray disc image files.
  • Burn files and folders in your hard drive to CD, DVD, or Bluray disc
  • Burn Audio CD which can be played in regular CD player from mp3, ape, flac, wma files...
  • Rip Audio CD to MP3, FLAC, APE, WMA files. 
  • Copy disc using sector by sector method. 
  • Create image files from hard disk files or CD / DVD / BD discs. 
  • Convert disc image files between various formats.
  • Support both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows.

Credits : HandyPaf

Wise Folder Hider 3.41 Portable

Wise Folder Hider

Wise Folder Hider Portable | 1.7 MB

Wise Folder Hider Pro adopts advanced encryption algorithm, providing much more enhanced security than the free version for files and folders on your Windows PC. Wise Folder Hider Pro defends your private files from being found/read by a third-party tool.   

Homepage :

Credits : HandyPaf

Friday, September 9, 2016

EASEUS Partition Master 11.8 Portable

EASEUS Partition Master

EASEUS Partition Master Portable | 27 MB

ALL-IN-ONE partition solution and disk management utility enables you to extend partition, especially for system drive, solve low disk space problem, manage disk space easily on MBR and GUID partition table (GPT) disk.

- Affordable disk management & PC performance optimization utility costs less than competitors with more robust features
- Easy-to-use wizard allows implementation of professional and reliable disk management

Credits : HandyPaf

Rufus 2.11.995 Portable


Rufus Portable

Rufus is a utility that helps format and create bootable USB flash drives, such as USB keys/pendrives, memory sticks, etc. It can be especially useful for cases where: you need to create USB installation media from bootable ISOs (Windows, Linux, UEFI, etc.), you need to work on a system that doesn't have an OS installed, you need to flash a BIOS or other firmware from DOS, or you want to run a low-level utility. Despite its small size, Rufus provides everything you need! With 

Rufus you can: Format USB and Virtual HD drives to FAT/FAT32/NTFS/UDF/exFAT/ReFS, Create DOS bootable USB drives, Create BIOS or UEFI NTFS bootable drives, Create bootable drives from bootable ISOs and bootable disk images, including compressed ones, Create Windows To Go drives and Perform bad blocks checks, including detection of "fake" flash drives. Rufus features Modern and familiar UI, with more than 35 languages. All this in a Small footprint, Fast, No installation required, Portable, Open Source, 100% Free Software.

Credits : HandyPaf

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Microsoft Office 2007 SP3 Portable

Microsoft Office 2007 SP3 Portable

Microsoft Office 2007 SP3 Portable | 141 MB

Microsoft Office 2007 provides a convenient and simple means to increase the productivity of a single person, as well as facilitation of team work, streamlining business processes and workflow, and business intelligence. Completely revised the existing principles of user interface in order to facilitate the end users work, to help them quickly reach impressive results.

With the new interface, a modified mechanism of working with graphics, advanced features of information visualization and updated management tools, tasks, users can create professional-looking documents quickly find and analyze relevant information and efficiently handle time planning and prioritizing. Microsoft Office 2007 is a complete set of desktop and server software that can help streamline people do business. This latest release offers significant new capabilities to help increase personal productivity, simplify how people work together, streamline processes and enterprise content management, and improve the quality of business insight across the organization.

Credits : Azure

Any Video Converter 6.0.1 Portable

Any Video Converter Portable

Any Video Converter Portable | 44 MB

Any Video Converter  - Multi-professional program which is able to convert any video files. The program will allow you to encode known video formats-AVI, MOV, RM, MPEG, DVD, WMV, MP4, FLV to DVD, VCD, MP4, FLV.Imeetsya possible use to encode files ready profiles with the parameters set video orientation on some devices - DVD player, mobile phone, even make their own conversion settings.

Before encoding video, you can see the embedded player. The program has a function of converting the selected portion of the video file you need in the embedded player to indicate the beginning and end of the desired otrezka.V program has a multilanguage interface, there is the Russian language. From video encoding, you can view it in the embedded player. In Any Video Converter Professional has a feature to convert only the selected portion of the video file, for this in the embedded player is enough to indicate the beginning and end of the desired segment.
  • Any Video Converter features include:
  • User-friendly interface that is easy to use.
  • Converts all video formats to Apple iPod Video, Sony PSP and more
  • Batch convert any video formats including avi, wmv, asf, mpg, mp4, etc.
  • Support DivX and Xvid avi format as importing and exporting video
  • Support default video/audio settings or user customized parameters for video and audio.
  • Has the option to preview the video in real-time before conversion .
  • World's fastest video conversion speed with stunning video and audio quality.
  • Supports adjust many video/audio options for MP4 files. For example, video/audio sample rate, bit rate, video size...

Credits : HandyPaf

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Bitvise SSH Client 7.15 Portable

Bitvise SSH Client Portable

Bitvise SSH Client Portable | 20 MB

Bitvise SSH Client incorporates what we believe is one of the most advanced SFTP file transfer clients, with support for the following:
  • automatic resuming, text file awareness, recursive subdirectory transfers;
  • powerful, advanced transfer list management;
  • high speed - in the tens or hundreds of MB/s when connected to Bitvise SSH Server, network bandwidth and disk resources permitting;
  • fast responsiveness to user input even when in the middle of multiple file transfers.
  • Bitvise SSH Client also incorporates an advanced, scriptable command-line SFTP client.

Credits : ThumbApps

XWidget 1.932 Portable

XWidget Portable

XWidget Portable 

XWidget is a free desktop customization platform. It’s light, handy with powerful visual widget editor and very smooth animations. More fast startup speed, low resources taken, with smooth animation effect. 

Credits : ThumbApps

XLaunchpad 1.091 Portable

XLaunchpad Portable

XLaunchpad Portable | 5 MB

XLaunchpad gives you instant access to all your shortcuts.Arrange apps in XLaunchpad any way you like by dragging icons to different locations or by grouping apps in folders. Simply drag one icon over another to create a folder. you can name the folder whatever you like when you open the folder.

Credits : ThumbApps

Yamicsoft Windows 10 Manager 1.1.8 Portable

Yamicsoft Windows 10 Manager

Yamicsoft Windows 10 Manager Portable | 7.3 MB

Windows 10 Manager is an all-in-one utility for Microsoft Windows 10 specially, it includes over forty different utilities to optimize, tweak, clean up, speed up and repair your Windows 10, helps make your system perform faster, eliminate system fault, increase stability and security, personalize your copy of Windows 10, it can meet all of your expectations.

Credits : Fuken Gruven

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Kaspersky TDSSKiller Portable

Kaspersky TDSSKiller Portable

Kaspersky TDSSKiller Portable | 362 KB

Kaspersky TDSSKiller fights malware in the Rootkit.Win32.TDSS family. It can remove associated rootkits and bootkits. Kaspersky TDSSKiller is not a substitute for a standard antivirus utility. TDSSKiller is freeware for personal and business use and requires admin rights.

Credits : PortableApps

Note :

- Internet connection is required to download the latest version !

GIMP 2.8.18 Portable

GIMP Portable

GIMP Portable | 62 MB

When it comes to high-end image manipulation, there are really only two options right now: Photoshop and GIMP. GIMP doesn't quite capture the usability and polish of Adobe's offering, but where it does beat Photoshop is in price - totally free and open source is a whole lot easier on the pocketbook than the $700 or so that a legal copy of Photoshop will run you. And even if it's not totally perfect, GIMP is full-featured enough for almost any photo manipulation needs you might have.

Credits : PortableApps

XAMPP Portable

XAMPP Portable

XAMPP Portable | 89 MB

XAMPP is a complete web, database and FTP server package for Windows that's ready to go in minutes and completely portable. The full XAMPP package includes:

XAMPP Control Panel
Mercury Mail Transport System
FileZilla FTP Server
Zend Optimizer
XAMPP Security

Mythicsoft FileLocator Pro 8.0.2669 Portable

Mythicsoft FileLocator Pro Portable

Mythicsoft FileLocator Pro Portable | 46.3 MB

FileLocator Pro offers the most affordable way to exhaustively search your computer for all your important data. FileLocator Pro offers unique advanced features for digging out information in even the most obscure file formats. Find out why many Windows XP users are switching to FileLocator Pro today!

Main Features:
• Search using Boolean or Regular Expressions
• Dual/Quad core processor support
• Word, Excel and PDF searching
• Open Office, Word Perfect searching through IFilter support
• LAN/WAN network drives searching (UNC support)
• Export search results in Text, CSV, HTML, XML, or a customized format using XSLT
• ZIP, RAR, CAB, 7-Zip, ARJ, Bzip, CHM, CPIO, DEB, GZIP, ISO, LZH, NSIS, TAR archive searching
• Active Scripting support for the ultimate in search customization
• Shows surrounding lines of text
• Customizable search environment
• Built-in file viewer
• Launch 3rd party editor at found line (inc. VS.NET)
• Drag and drop support
• Print preview
• Search navigation to quickly browse previous search results

• Integrates into Windows Shell

Credits : PortableWares

BatteryCare 0.9.27 Portable

BatteryCare Portable

BatteryCare Portable | 1.59 MB

BatteryCare is a software created to optimize the usage and performance of the modern laptop's battery It monitors the battery's discharge cycles and helps increasing it's autonomy and improving its lifetime. If you wish to take better care of your laptop battery, use this software with confidence. This simple tool allows you to monitor your laptop battery and properly configure it, so that it lasts longer. By tracking the discharge cycles, it enables you to keep your battery calibrated, thus prolonging its life considerably.

Credits : ThumbApps

Poedit 1.8.9 Portable

Poedit Portable

Poedit Portable | 14.7 MB

Poedit is a free program that you can use to write translations for any software or web site that uses Gettext for localization – like WordPress. WordPress uses PO files for everything: WordPress core, themes and plugins.

With Poedit you can upload a POT file with the original WordPress strings and create a .PO file and .MO files with your translations. Poedit offers a clean and easy to use translations interface and supports plural forms and UTF-8.

Credits : ThumbApps

Dark Audacity 2.1.3 Portable

Dark Audacity

Dark Audacity Portable |  34.7 MB

Dark Audacity is a customised version of Audacity® powered by Audacity, the free open source sound editor. If you're used to Audacity you should have no difficulties finding your way around in DarkAudacity. The menus have been rearranged, but the functions you need are still there. Sync-Lock button has gone. Use Time-Lock from the Tracks menu instead.

Credits : ThumbApps

Hex Editor Neo Portable

Hex Editor Neo Portable

Hex Editor Neo Portable | 15.4 MB

Hex Editor allows you to set colors of almost every editor window's element. Select an element in a list and then select a color using color picker control. You can also set the color to "automatic". The sample window layout below immediately reflects changes you make. Pressing Apply button also immediately applies your current coloring scheme to all opened editor windows.

Credits : HandyPaf

Atom 1.10.0 Portable

Atom Portable Terbaru

Atom Portable | 300 MB

Atom is a text editor that was originally conceived at GitHub as a way to combine the visual appeal of editors like Sublime Text with the extensibility and programmability of Emacs or Eclipse. Atom is a free and open-source text and source code editor for OS X, Linux, and Windows with support for plug-ins written in Node.js, and embedded Git Control, developed by GitHub. Atom is a desktop application built using web technologies. Most of the extending packages have free software licenses and are community-built and maintained

Homepage :

Credits : ThumbApps