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Total Commander 9.0a Extended 17.1 Full

 Total Commander

Total Commander

The best-known file manager for Windows - Total Commander in Extended version - a new look at the functionality and stability! Lite - version differs from the older brother absence of built-in programs. Total Commander 9.0 Extended - is the x86 and x64 versions of Total Commander in one installer. The optimal set of programs and plug-ins. It supports integration of additional programs. It is portable, it does not leave traces in the system and can be installed on any removable media. It uses the internal file associations. It allows you to "register" the TC to his name. And much more.

Additional Information:
Total Commander Extended program is all-in-one and is able to perform up to 90% of user's daily tasks. Total Commander Extended and programs included in it, save your settings in a folder with the program, so there will not need to configure them again, for example, when to reinstall Windows. Total Commander Extended does not change system file associations, and independently of them, always open the firmware file. Install or copy the folder already installed Total Commander Extended to the stick - and your favorite program's will always be with you.
You want to see your name in the title TC? - So write it there!

It is recommended to install and run with administrator privileges and disabled UAC.
File associations can be changed in the menu Files - Internal Association (only in TC)

Full Version :
Composition of assembly:
Total Commander 9.0 - the best file manager
SoftMaker Office 2016 (rev761) - office suite with full support for Microsoft Office formats
PotPlayer (1.6.63856) - Multimedia Player with built-in codecs
AIMP (v4.11.1841) - a multifunctional audio center
FastStone Image Viewer (v6.0) - viewing and editing graphic files
SumatraPDF (3.2.10551) - view electronic documents
Notepad ++ (v7.2.1) - text editor with syntax highlighting
CCleaner (5.24.5841) - cleaning system
Defraggler (2.21.993) - Defragmentation
Recuva (1.53.1087) - Data Recovery
BurnAware Free (v9.6) - recording discs
Mozilla Firefox (v50.0) - Internet - Browser
Download Master (v6.10.2.1527) - Download Manager
uTorrent ( - BitTorrent - Client
AIDA64 Engineer (v5.80.4000) - comprehensive information about the system
System Explorer (v7.0.0) - System monitoring
Unlocker (v1.9.2) - Unlock and delete files and folders
SynWrite (v6.28.2444) - text editor
TCASwitcher (v1.1.4) - to switch the internal file associations
F4Menu (v0.59) - context menu by pressing F4
IMPOMEZIA TC Color Presets ( - color scheme Total Commander
Everything (1.3.4) - Instant search for files

Total Commander Plugins:
Android ADB 7.6 - access to the Android device through ADB
APK-wdx 2.1 - information about the apk-file
AKFont 2.7 - font preview
AnyELF 1.5 - to view the files in the ELF format
Catalog Maker 3.1.9 - creating directories of files, folders, drives,
Cloud 1.08 - access to cloud storage Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Yandex.Disk
CopyTree - up files while preserving the directory structure
decMaffWLX 2015.03.21 - view files .maff
DirSizeCalc 2.22 - calculating folder sizes in the background
DirSizeCalc Charts 1.10 - graphical representation of the size of files / folders
DiskInternals Reader 2.3 - Access to all file systems
Exif 2.4 - viewing exif-header data
FileInfo 2.22 - view information about executable files / libraries
FileX 2.2 - a variety of information about files and directories.
HTMLView 1.2.6 - view HTML-document
ICLView 25.8.2016 - icon view files through Lister
Imagine 1.0.9 - view and edit images
IsDotNET 1.0.2 - definition of libraries and modules dotNET Framework
LinkInfo 1.52 - viewing and editing files, .lnk
MediaInfoWDX 1.07 - obtaining information about media files
MhtUnPack 2.1 - Working with .mht files
Mmedia 2.62 - play multimedia files
OpenSSL v1.0.2j - library to support secure FTP-connection via SSL or TLS
Permissions 1.11 - view access rights to the file / folder
ProcFS 3.0 - view and manage processes
RAR 5.40 - support for .rar archives
Registry 5.2 - Registry Editor
Security Info 1.0.1 - information about a file / directory info
Services2 0.7.0 - view and manage system services
ShellDetails 1.25 - Windows Explorer display fields
sLister 1.1.2 - view files .pdf, .djvu and others.
SQLiteViewer - view SQLite database files
Startups 0.4.0 - Startup
SWFView - view .swf files
SynWrite (v6.27.2430) (32-bit) - a text editor
TCTorrent 2.0.2 - View information about a .torrent-files
Total7zip (7-Zip 16.04) - supported formats archiver 7-zip
uLister 4.0.0 (OIVT 8.5.3) - view Office documents via Oracle Outside In Viewer Technology
Uninstaller64 1.0.1 - Uninstall applications
WebDAV 2.8 - access to the web servers through WebDav protocol
xPDFSearch 1.11 - Full-text search in the pdf-files

Addons Firefox:
FlashGot - Integration Manager downloads in Firefox
UnMHT 8.2.0 - support .mht web archives



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